Guardian Home Program


Guardian Home Program

Hey Doodle Doodle remains committed to keeping our breeding dogs and litters in private home settings as opposed to making them kennel dogs that rarely get interaction or love. In order to achieve the genetic diversity needed for a successful breeding program, Hey Doodle Doodle has found that we need to maintain more breeding dogs than we can accommodate living in our homes as our pets. A dog that is placed in a guardian home is a pick of the litter dog. We will pay for all the the dog’s health testing and other costs related to breeding. We require that the dog has a minimum 4 litters with us if female and breeding until 8 years of age for males. Once the Guardian Dog completes the program the Guardian Home is responsible for spaying or neutering dog. If you have a female, then we would have her for around a week when she is first bred, then we would have her for about 8 weeks when she has the pups.  A male would only need to be made available when a female was in heat for a few days at a time.

Benefits of guardian homes:

-You receive a pick of the litter puppy (8 weeks old) for less then what you would pay if you bought as a pet home. For a puppy it will be $400 deposit, price may vary if it is an adult dog placed in a home.
-Instead of us disrupting this dogs family life once they are done breeding they get to remain in the family they have always known.
-We offer $100.00 for each litter to the guardian home for females (this helps cover the extra food the female needs during pregnancy).

– Guardian Home is responsible to spay/neuter when the dog is done breeding or if we decide for whatever reason to not use the dog in our breeding program.  

– Once Guardian Dog completes contract Breeder will transfer ownership of dog to Guardian Home when spay/neuter has been completed.

Can anyone become a guardian home?
No, we maintain very high standards as to who can own our dogs and how they are treated and cared for. If the guardian is not someone we know well, we have an extensive interview process. All guardian homes sign a contract that outlines exactly what the terms of the agreement are. Guardians must live within a reasonable driving distance from Franklin, TN and be willing to drive the dog to our home for all testing, breeding, etc. For females that could be 2-4 times a year.  

-We require you to live within 1 hour of our home.
-You need to be willing to maintain regular veterinarian schedule
-You need to keep the dog out of contact with intact dogs of the opposite sex
-You need to have a safe yard for the dog to play in

-You need to maintain a healthy food regimen and have our dogs on vitamins (which I recommend for all families with dogs).
-You need to make the dog available during her heat cycle if female, or when we have a female coming into heat for a male.
-If something should happen to the dog due to your negligence before ownership is transferred, you will be required to cover the replacement cost of the dog in the amount of $5000. This would not even begin to cover the actual replacement cost of one of our breeding dogs. We just want to ensure that families are taking good care of our dogs.

What costs are associated with being a guardian?
You are responsible for daily care and normal costs associated with owning a dog: food, vitamins, grooming, basic vet bills. We pay all costs related to reproduction: special supplements and reproductive vet bills.

What types of dogs are available as guardians?
We may have Goldendoodles and Standard Poodles that are looking for guardian homes.

Upcoming Guardian Home Puppies


Contact us for more information and fill out our Guardian Home application.  Our guardian home program is limited to a very few participants.